New day, New home


It only took me two weeks, after months of contemplation, to move my blog over to WordPress, its new home! Let me tell you, moving blogs is as tough and stressful as moving homes. But, now that it’s all done, I’m excited and want to welcome all of you to my new abode.

To all my readers from my old blog, thank you so much for sticking with me through the move. There’s still some work left on your part, if you’ve not already done so – please update your bookmarks (unless you already had as your bookmark which will automatically point to this), RSS feeds and/or subscribe via email to get updates on my latest posts. All my other social links like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc stay the same. You’ve got all the buttons and subscription links at the footer if you want to take a look at any you may have missed. I am so glad to see you back here!!

To all my new readers, thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you’ll stick around, read a little bit about me, and also come back and visit more often. You could also subscribe and follow my blog using all the mechanisms in my footer…this would make me very happy! Hehe

Alritey, I’m totally excited about this new place and I’ll leave you to look around, while I go cook something up for all of you and continue to add more features/goodies here!

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9 responses to “New day, New home

  1. Beauteous new site. So great! Congrats and have fun. I did email Blog Butler about helping me..haven’t heard back from them. Thx for info. Happy Friday!

  2. I admit; I came here because I expected a different type of before and after; you know cabinets on the floor and all…but this is similar isn’t’ it? Huge congrats to you. I own a web business and have been helping bloggers make this transition for several years; I can’t deny I love your sentiment that it’s real work; thank you for that!

  3. i am also going to be making the transition from blogspot to wordpress, but like you said, it is hard work to move space and i’m actually hiring someone to do it for me. my limited basic html skills prevent me from having what i want so i’ll just pay someone to give it to me. your new virtual home is beautiful.

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