Grilled Chicken & Zucchini Risotto – Guest post for My Imperfect Kitchen

And now I’ve conquered my first guest post! It’s at the lovely Sara’s blog, My Imperfect Kitchen. She nails it when she says that having an imperfect kitchen is the best way to go because if it’s perfect, then there’s nothing much left to do with it. I echo those thoughts. Mine is far from perfect! I just recently discovered her blog and it’s wonderful to read through because Sara shares a lot about some great cooking classes she goes to, chefs she admires, scrumptious recipes and guys, she’s also had her pictures featured on MSNBC. Now you know you want to check her out!

Sara’s got this great series going called “Main Dish Mondays” where she invites other bloggers to share their favorite main dish. I whipped up a Grilled Chicken and Zucchini Risotto for her. This risotto totally blew my mind because the juicy squash and mushrooms lighten this dish up like spring in a bowl. The lazy me stays far away from Risottos because they make you stay with them for the whole 20-30 minutes they take to cook but, this Risotto is changing that slowly. I can’t help but make this as often as lazy me will allow.

So head over to Sara’s blog to read the whole recipe!

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10 responses to “Grilled Chicken & Zucchini Risotto – Guest post for My Imperfect Kitchen

  1. Such a beautiful photo of this plate of summery flavours! I’ve been looking at the zucchini in the markets and thinking about all the squash that will be coming out of our garden in another month or two … bookmarked!

  2. This looks perfect for a Spring dinner – can’t wait for all the fresh vegetables like zucchini to come to our local farmer’s market.

  3. Oi! Loving the new look of the blog! It looks like a little online food magazine! I love making risotto and this one is no exception! Off to cook now :)

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